FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – Pressure Cookers – Tips, Tricks and Advice

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions relating to pressure cookers. Advice about how to use them, how much pressure cookers cost, what you can cook in them and most importantly which is the best pressure cooker for you?

What is the best pressure cooker brand?

Luckily for you pressure cookers have come a long way in the last 10 years. Now you have the choice of legacy brands that were around from the start as well as many new comers to the industry. These include instapot, crock-pot, Breville, Ninja, Presto and GoWise. Which brand you decide on depends on so many factors, why not check out of reviews to see which is best for you?

What type of pressure cooker is best?

That depends! Here at ThePressureCook.com we break down the nitty gritty of what the pros and cons of each pressure cooker available on the market today. How and why you are using one will also impact on what type is best for you.

Can I cook all foods in my pressure cooker?

Not quite, but nearly! With numerous accessories now available and many new functions pressure cookers these days can help you cook meats (beef, chicken, fish), grains (rice, quinoa, farro) as well as many more. You can even make yoghurt! Exactly what you can cook will depend on the exact pressure cooker you have and how experienced you are with the machine. 

Is an expensive pressure cooker worth it?

High end pressure cookers tend to come with more features and functions, often have larger capacities and are made by more established brands. If your budget isn’t too tight and these benefits are worth it to you, then a high end (more expensive) pressure cooker will give you more choice with what you can cook and may even last for longer.

How long do pressure cookers last?

Generally speaking, most pressure cookers will last at least a few years. Often rather than needing to replace the whole machine, certain parts such as the inner ring may need to be change but again this will depend on your level of use. Make sure to check the specific warrantee that comes with your machine as well.

Which is better stove top or electric pressure cooker?

The big question! When first deciding on a pressure cooker you need to know the differences between stove top and electric pressure cookers.

To summarise: stove top cooks faster, electric cookers have more functionality and features, stove top cookers are generally cheaper and electric cookers are generally larger and take up more storage space.

Can you cook chicken in a pressure cooker?

Yes, you can cook whole chicken (from fresh or frozen), chicken breast, chicken soups or stews. How good is that!

What can’t you cook in a pressure cooker?

Even though pressure cookers these days can cook almost anything, there are certain foods we would recommend. For example: breaded meats as they will become soggy, dairy-based sauces as there is a risk of curdling and last and certainly the most contentious, we wouldn’t recommend canning as some pressure cookers will not reach high enough temperatures to produce sterile canning and therefore could be harmful.  

Why are pressure cookers so expensive?

Just like any common kitchen appliance there is wide range when it comes to cost for pressure cookers. Some will retail for over $1000! Don’t fret however because with more brands coming onto the market competition has picked up and now all major brands offer both more expensive models which often range $200-400 but also produce more budget versions often less than $100.

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