Everything You Wanted To Know About The Prestige Pressure Cooker

TDLR: The Prestige PRP4 Pressure Cooker performed well under testing with no major issues noted. We tested the 4L model with other models ranging from 2 - 20L available. Overall, we were satisfied with the results and would recommend this prestige pressure cooker for those looking for a reliable stovetop machine without the price tag. Available at Amazon

The Prestige PRP4 Pressure Cooker is a simple, no-frills stove-top pressure cooker that allows you to cook anything from soup, rice and beef in minutes. With the addition of the Prestige Pressure Cooker to your kitchen you can cook meals for the entire family with up to a massive 20 L capacity.

The Prestige Pressure Cooker is a great tool for the kitchen because it can help you cook food faster and more evenly. Pressure cookers work by creating a sealed environment that traps steam and raises the temperature of the food inside. This high temperature means that food can cook in a fraction of the time it would take using other methods.

8.2Expert Score
Basic Stove Top Pressure Cooker For Those On A Budget

Multiple capacity options and minimal fuss make this a solid choice for anyone looking for simple, reliable stove top pressure cooker.

Prestige Pressure Cooker
Prestige PRP4 Pressure Cooker – available at Amazon

Over 15,000 reviews on Amazon.com and an average of 4.1/5.

Over 25% of reviews were 3 stars or less which gave us concerns… However in our use we had no issues. Reading through the Amazon negative reviews, it appears some have had issues with broken parts and pressure valve issues – none of which we observed. Additionally, we investigated and found that Prestige has one of the longest warrantees we have found giving you an extra sense of calm with your next purchase.

From their T&Cs

Hy Cite warrants that your Royal Prestige Pressure Cooker and related pieces (except electrical parts and digital timer) will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 50 years from the date of purchase. Electrical parts and digital timer are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase (except battery for timer).

Prestige Pressure Cooker Features

It certainly doesn’t come with some features we have come to expect from some of the newest, best pressure cookers in 2022. However, it does what it is advertised to do. That being a simple, affordable stove-top pressure cooker that will last. If you are looking for LED screen, air-fryer capabilities and wifi connectivity then you have come to the wrong place.

Prestige is known for safety and the Prestige PRP4 is no different. It is equipped with 3 levels of safety.

  1. A Precision Weight Valve to make regulate the temperature within the pressure cooker
  2. A Gasket Release System which acts a fail-safe in the event of a blockage of vent tube
  3. A Metallic Safety Plug which comes into act if the above 2 levels of security fail.

Talk about safety first!

Price at time of review: $44.99 (June 2022)

Prestige Pressure Cooker Recipe Ideas

Looking for a cookbook to complement your new Prestige pressure cooker? Here’s a suggestion by author Catherinne Phipps – Modern Pressure Cooking: The Comprehensive Guide to Stovetop and Electric Cookers. Over 200 Recipes inside and currently 16% off!

What is the Prestige Brand?

Prestige is a kitchen appliance brand founded in 1955. Today it makes everything from pressure cookers, non-stick cookware, gas stoves, induction cooktops and mixer grinders.

Which pressure cooker is better Prestige or Farberware?

Similar price – $53 vs $49. Both very easy to use, however you can’t truly compare an electric multifunction pressure cooker with a simple stove-top pressure cooker. The Farberware pressure cooker is better for those looking for function, that do not want to stand over the stop and keep track of cooking time. The Prestige on the other hand suited for simple, tried-and-tested pressure cooking on the stove, that is easy to clean and super affordable.

Check out our recent Farberware Pressure Cooker Review

Which pressure cooker is better Prestige or NuWave?

To be honest, it’s a bit like comparing apples with oranges. The Prestige Pressure Cooker is a cheap, simple stove-top cooker with basic pressure cooker functionality. The NuWave Pressure Cooker is all about functionality with 11 pre-programmed settings and is suited for those looking for an affordable multifunction pressure cooker.

You can read our full NuWave Pressure Cooker review


Weight3.1 Lbs (4L model)
Wattage1000 Watts
Size/CapacityAvailable from 2 – 20 Liter
Dimensions (L x W x H)12 x 5 x 9 inches (4L model)
Prestige PRP4 4L Pressure Cooker Specs
Who Shouldn't Buy It?
  • For those looking for an Electric pressure cooker
  • For those looking for a multifunction pressure cooker
  • For those requiring a canning capable pressure cooker
  • For those looking for an easy clean
Who Should Buy It?
  • For those looking for a basic, reliable basic pressure cooker
  • For those looking for larger capacity pressure cooker
  • For those on a budget
  • For those looking for a stove top pressure cooker

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